Hi, and welcome to WIP!

This is just a simple wiki where myself (and definitely some others) write down what we learn, to help us cement our knowledge, and to create a knowledge base that we can use to help each other.

I got tired of writing down things for reference in Google docs, etc., so I came up with the idea to put this wiki together so that I could have everything in one place.

This is definitely not supposed to replace official documentation for any of the subjects covered – it exists to complement that documentation by recording lesser known bit of knowledge, shortcuts, tutorials, and other miscellanea. Because we all learn differently, it's often useful to record things you've learned in the way that you learn, to help others who learn in a similar way.

Okay, I'm done this rant, get on with it!

— Mitch


Here's a brief overview of what we're working on!


Here's some tutorial (or tutorial-like) pages. Good place to start!




Version Control



Other stuff we use that we might want to take notes on.



Note: If any page doesn't exist, just create it! This is a wiki, dammit.

Writing Articles

There's a helpful article here on how to write articles, I'll try to keep it up to date as I add new features.